When Babies Don't Come

SYNOPSIS:     When Molatelo finds out she can never fall pregnant naturally, she decides to document her journey. What she discovers however, is more than just motherhood. When Babies Don't Come is the filmmaker's struggle with infertility; an insider’s perspective of the disease in a twenty-first century South Africa. The film follows Molatelo through the grueling IVF, a no-hold-barred look at the procedure. But before Molatelo goes through the highly specialized treatment, she must first face her conservative family. However, When Babies Don't Come is much more than just a look at science, it’s an examination of the ways in which the 40 year old's traditional life coexists with modern life and still try to remain relevant in both worlds.

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Year: 2018   Duration: 90 min

Language: English, Afrikaans

Country: Ghana, South Africa

Directed By: Molatelo Mainetje

Produced By: Molatelo Mainetje

Written By: Molatelo Mainetje