A Place in the World


45 years waiting. International diplomacy's most outrageous failure. Refugees with a land to reclaim. A generation lost waiting for international support. A Republic in a refugee camp. The forgotten tragedy of the Saharawi people. The last African colony. The only refugee republic on Earth. Beyond the wall, a prosperous land: their own. This is a Saharawi story, a population expelled from their lands and forced to live to refugees for 45 years. With dignity and obstinacy they fight to return to their territories. How: asking the united nations and the whole world to recognize their right to exist, to self-determination. Beyond the wall, built by Morocco (2700 km of wall and minefields), there are their cities and their families. The Saharawi People look forward to a referendum, which reassign their lands. They legitimately want to go home, a counter-immigration denied the games of power, in fact their lands are widely exploited by Morocco for their mineral wealth. “A Place in the World”, it’s a documentary that tells their story, removing of geography and politics, making it simply a "human" story. As one of the interviewees says: "the weight of the World, if divided between everyone, becomes a feather, and even though we are in the middle of a Sahara desert, we must do our part". The purpose of the documentary and give a voice to this people who are in an impossible situation, forced to live confined in the desert in tents or shacks of sand with unsustainable temperatures. The documentary wants to be the means to tell a reality that unfortunately, too often, is common to the whole world, the overpower of man over man. Documentary directed by Francesco Ritondale. visit the association's website on the site you will also find all the information on distance adoptions and other projects. http://www.saharawinsieme.it

Year: 2020     Duration: 60 min     Language: Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish