All Eyez on Me!

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All Eyez on Me! is a filmic assemblage on representation. Over 15 years the filmmaker visited the Loita Maasai in Kenya numerous times and became close friends with the brothers Lenaai and Matinkoi. Lenaai, aware of how the outside world looks at the Maasai, expresses that: "The thinking about the Maasai sometimes becomes really dangerous." In three short, layered films the filmmaker together with the brothers explores these processes of image reproduction. In the first film a conversation over the film in the film blurs the vision of the eye of the beholder. The dilemma of what to do with someone who’s visible but should be invisible, stands central in the second film. What is authentic in an ever-changing perspective, is the overall question in the third film. All Eyez on Me! is not so much an experimental film with but more - about - footage.

Year: 2021     Duration: 33 min     Language: