BLACK RED N GREEN is a 45 minute documentary about togetherness among Kenyans living in Massachusetts. Spark by an increase in the number of immigrating Kenyans into the States, we witness how a community responds to a growing number of fellow Kenyans in the state of Massachusetts. Kenyans first came into the United States in the 1960's as students, through a program known as the flights. The program was a collaboration between the Kenyan government and the American government. Kenyan students would come into the United States, study, then go back. Very few decided to stay in America after finishing their studies. However, when the Kenyan economy started collapsing and companies, businesses and organizations started closing down, Kenyans felt the need to emigrate to other countries such as the U.S., the U.K. and other western countries. Those living abroad lost the desire to return home. This then resulted in the start of small Kenyan communities in the diaspora. Overtime, the numbers have steadily increased in various parts of the world. Out of curiosity, Kenyans in Kenya wonder, how are our fellow family members and friends abroad making out? The film's narrative focuses on Massachusetts, which happens to be among the top ten states with the most number Kenyan immigrants in the U.S. The narrative unfolds through a series of storylines; Togetherness in the community, politics, tribalism, class and socio-economic status, language and culture, business and economic growth in the community. We hear characters share their personal stories, speaking passionately about hard work and expectation, heartbreak and frustration, triumph and hope. Immigrants of other communities echo their words, expressing similar experiences in some aspects with a few differences that are tailored to their languages and cultures. BLACK RED N GREEN concludes by showing the Kenyan community living in Massachusetts as a growing community that is experiencing trials and tribulations while being forced to endure to test their strength and fortitude.

Year: 2019     Duration: 45 min     Language: English, Swahili

Directed By: Sally Muiruri

Produced By: Sally Muiruri

Written By: Sally Muiruri

Country: United States