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When Mukasa takes on a new job as a boat rider, ferrying eager tourists out into the vast Lake Victoria, he’s shown the ropes by old-hand James. They come across a sunken boat on a deserted island shore, and his interest is piqued by James’ obvious fear of the island what the boat contains. Later he learns from the other boat riders that the boat belonged to the infamously cruel dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin. When Idi Amin fled the country across the lake, he left his treasures on the island to recover later and gave his most loyal soldier the task of guarding it. Mukasa is told that his spirit still guards the treasures. No one has ever been brave enough or successful enough to recover them. Summoning all his courage, Mukasa makes the trip out to the haunted island at night to prove himself...only to find that he’s been the latest victim of an initiation prank by the older boat riders. There was no treasure and there was no ghost. Determined to have the last laugh he turns the tables on the pranksters and finally earns their respect as a new boat rider appears. The cycle begins again...

Year: 2017     Duration: 11 min     Language: