Caring in another world

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Fanny and Sandra are going to complete an internship in a medical dispensary located in a shanty-suburb of Cotonou. These two nursing students from the Saint-Étienne Red Cross Training School have chosen Benin for their placement. Over the course of two months, they will discover a new culture and will need to adapt to local practices of care, in one of the poorest parts of the world. This new universe is colourful and leads to many exciting encounters. Beyond the new and rich professional experience, this is also a life-changing initiation for both: a journey that will alter their perception of the world and of themselves, through the prism of people’s relationship to care far from home.

Year: 2018     Duration: 55 min     Language: French

Directed By: Coline Morand

Written By: Coline Morand

Country: Benin