Mother Nature Manifetsation in the Great Rift Valley


This is a documentary film that revolves around the beauty of nature and appreciation of the same. The film is informative and educative on facts about the Great Rift Valley. It begins with the Earth's creation where water is separated to form dry land. Thereafter, Mother Nature takes over and stamps its authority where through volcanic activities the Great Rift Valley is formed among other beautiful and attractive physical features in the Rift Valley. The film intertwines all these beauties with an eye focused on tourism promotion. The documentary concludes with emphasis on environmental protection so as to accommodate flora and fauna in this world just as God intended in the beginning.

Year: 2019     Duration: 21 min     Language: English

Directed By: Francis Mwangi Irungu

Produced By: Francis Mwangi Irungu

Written By: Francis Mwangi Irungu

Country: Kenya