POKER fills the void that many young married women everywhere experience with the unending demands of marriage life, inserting the viewers into their lives’ scenario as virtual judges. The story through the main character, Tamara, enables the viewer to get inside the lives of married ladies who live with the scourge of marital violence across the world and learn what makes them tick. Through the lens, we reflect on Tamara’s assertive demeanor and fashion sense, with which she masquerades what she is actually going through in her life: her late-night struggles as a sex object to her abusive husband and the solace she finds in reading the bible and writing poetry after a hefty night. The story plot helps the viewer in reliving the best of life’s offing, recapping old good times with their once-close-at-heart; family through their wedding day photo on the wall. And even when one disagrees wildly with our main character’s means of justifying the end [through murder], the nature of her situation softens one’s judgment of her life’s escapades! “POKER” thus follows the story of a married submissive lady in the metropolis of Nairobi, vividly providing a fascinating social matrix that draws the viewer to bond with the character and her trails in the movie. But even deeper than that, Poker is a movie about hope. It's about what hope is, how we lose it, how we get it back, and why it's so important. And we hope that it'll be a film that will make a positive difference, and inspire a lot of people.

Year: 2019     Duration: 48 min     Language: English

Directed By: Dancurf Oyaro

Produced By: Kathambi Jones

Written By: Dancurf Oyaro

Key Cast: Ruth Maingi

Country: Kenya