The Wrong Girl


Fhatu, a beautiful young Venda woman, walks out of a shop in Sandton CBD late afternoon. Suddenly, three masked men appear, grab her and stuff her into the boot of a white BMW. Once out of sight on a quiet road, the three men, Moses, Dawg and Chekers, phone their boss to confirm that they have the “package”, ready for drop off. The big boss, Goty, tells them that they have been compromised and would have to hold on to the asset until morning. The three amateurs strike panic as they must decide where to hide the girl for the night. They decide that the best option would be to take her to Moses’ grandparents’ farm, where they will keep her hidden in the grandfather’s workshop. When they arrive at the farm, they are met by Gogo and her shotgun. Moses quickly convinces his grandmother that nothing suspicious is going on and that it’s just her grandson coming home late. After first forgetting Fhatu in the trunk, the gang (somewhat) successfully sneaks Fhatu into the workshop (mostly) unseen. Meanwhile, Goty decides that she does not trust these imbeciles to keep her asset safe and sets her people on the case to track the gang’s location. After killing most of her crew, trigger happy Goty gets the location, and sets out to go and fetch the asset herself. In the workshop, the gang is getting bored, tired and hungry. Fhatu, blindfolded and tied up, makes her move. Using sexual innuendos and downright dirty talk, Fhatu starts to disarm the gang in every sense of the word – physically, mentally, emotionally. Prompted by Fhatu, Moses leaves the workshop to go and get food. Dawg and Chekers are left alone with Fhatu. Chekers is the first to give in to his urges. As Chekers starts to undo Fhatu’s dress, she grabs his gun, pulls off her wig, and activates her planted tracker via an earpiece. This alerts her superior, Officer Ndala, at the Hawks control room. Two seconds too slow on the trigger, Dawg draws his gun and points it at Fhatu. At this point, Gogo and Moses enter with the food. Hiding their guns quickly, everybody tries to act as normal as they can. Gogo, not at all disturbed by Fhatu’s presence, mentions that she forgot juice and leaves Fhatu and the gang in anticipation. As Gogo enters her house, Goty is waiting for her, shotgun on her lap. Goty confronts Gogo, calling her mother, and accusing her of hijacking her asset. Gogo pleads innocence, but after some threats form Goty, drops her façade and admits to it, stating that she had to save Goty’s “little operation” from failure. Without hesitation, Goty shoots her mother, Gogo, in the chest. The gunshot triggers Fhatu and the gang in the workshop to also start shooting. In the confusion, Dawg accidentally shoots Chekers. With almost no effort, Fhatu shoots Moses and Dawg. The gang all dead, Goty enters the workshop and comes face to face with Fhatu. Silently, the ladies agree to put their guns down and settle it the old way. A physical altercation ensues which eventually ends with Fhatu beating Goty to death. Sore and bloody, Fhatu goes to search the property. As the Hawks are pulling into the farm. Fhatu finds a shed with five young girls locked inside. Together, Fhatu, Officer Ndala and police officers rescue the girls. With both Goty and Gogo dead, the head was cut off the human trafficking operation.

Year: 1900     Duration: 37 min     Language: English